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Terrifying But True

“It’s not that I had delusions of some sinister conspiracy. I understood that people at big companies were basically decent, just like the rest of us, and did not act like cartoon villains.

No, my delusions were more fundamental.

I will make the fires stop.

When I think back on that ridiculous promise—and what I eventually did because of it—sometimes the feeling of who I was hits me like a panic attack and I need to lean on something solid. It’s hard to admit how naïve I was, innocent and childlike, delusional to the point of idiocy, but that’s the truth of it, and so, when the door opened for some beaten down lawyer to scurry out, in I went.”

Chapter 7, Who Did This To Us

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Crime Scene (Episodes 1-3)

Imagine a family on vacation, sitting in their car, when the car is suddenly engulfed in a fiery explosion. In his first trial, and longest trial in General Motors history, John Uustal stumbles upon a deadly secret

Greatest Trick Ever Pulled (Episodes 4-6)

Everyone knows that smoking is bad. It’s the same story you’ve heard over and over – but almost no one knows about the greatest trick the tobacco companies ever pulled.

Burn Down the City (Episodes 7-9)

A little girl suffered horrific burns after a pressure cooker exploded. The incident was investigated by police, firefighters, but no one could find any defect. What happened to Samantha?

John Uustal Vlogs

Let’s talk about corporate crime, negligence, product defects and fraud. John Uustal gives you a peek behind the curtain.

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