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Who Did This To Us?

The True Story of One Epic Trial and the Confederacy of Greed that Stole the American Dream

Why has our economy crashed into a kind of warlord capitalism with billionaires rocketing into space while the American middle class dwindles away, the working class becomes the working poor, and so many Americans fall into extremism, anger and despair?

You can’t understand why we live the way we do in 2024 America unless you understand how a hidden confederacy of corporations conspired to change the technical legal definition of justice. For thousands of years, justice was understood to mean that the law would vindicate certain rights regardless of the economic consequence. Let justice be done though the heavens may fall. But a small group of lawyers, including Ken Starr and a young Brett Kavanaugh, led a brazen attack on this foundational concept in American jurisprudence. To them, the main role of law was to maximize efficiency; only fools considered fairness, moral justice, or any social good other than wealth maximization.

Much of what these lawyers did was hidden, and that was even more true for the billionaire benefactors and global apex corporations who led the conspiracy. But Starr and Kavanaugh lost control of some secret documents in a trial known as McGee v. General Motors. Who Did This To Us? is the story of that trial, and it reads like a legal thriller with shocking courtroom moments, turncoat witnesses, and a surprise verdict. That trial was one of the most dramatic ever in American history. The McGee family was in a car that got bumped so lightly they thought they’d been hit by a basketball; then the car exploded and they burned so badly that the paramedics, nurses and ER doctors needed psychological counselling.

But Who Did This To Us? also tells the story of America, of how we got to 2024. It reveals the most massive transfer of wealth and opportunity in history, a staggering swindle slicing through America; powerful people with more wealth than the world had ever seen, on the march like a conquering army, laying waste to the American dream; and an additional half-million dead Americans every single year.

All because we let them change what justice means.

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