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Juhn Uustal

“At first he seems
delusional, then you realize
he’s seeing some truth that
everyone else missed.”

M. Minnette Massey
Legendary Trailblazing Professor of Law

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Excerpt from Chapter 41 of Uustal’s
forthcoming book, Who Did This To Us?

“It doesn’t seem odd to me, even now knowing how the story ends in real life, that I was thinking about protecting that baby. It was something we’d talked about, when I first saw the Ivey Report, when I first conceived of the possibility that someone actually did this on purpose to make money. I’d felt then the sliver of panic. How could we possibly keep our baby safe in that kind of world? This sliver of panic must have been why the fear of burning babies had invaded even my dreams. But I knew there was no way the fires could be coming for my own baby. That’d be improbable to the point of, well, impossibility. Wouldn’t it?”

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