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We’ve Heard It All Before rather than Child Predator

Corporate Negligence

If you were making billions of dollars a month and someone was trying to take that away from you – the question isn’t what you do to stop them. The question is what wouldn’t you do?

Picture a person selling an addictive drug. It kills one out of every two people who get hooked. It’s the deadliest drug in the world, and one of the most addictive. How did it get so addictive? Well, the guy, the drug kingpin, he invented all kinds of ways to make it even more addictive – like freebasing. That guy would go to prison, of course. Unless he worked for a tobacco company.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Everyone knows smoking is bad, and smokers should quit. No one ever forced anyone to smoke. I already know the evil things that tobacco companies did. The lying, the fraud. We’ve heard it all before. But there are some things I didn’t know. Not until I got a peek at secret internal tobacco company documents. Right now, these companies are using science in horrifying ways.

Cigarettes don’t have to be addictive at all. But the companies intentionally designed them to be an addictive drug delivery device. And not just addictive – maximally addictive. These companies don’t just sell tobacco. They take tobacco and use it to create a scientifically optimized addiction machine, even though cigarettes aren’t necessarily addictive at all. They don’t have to be addictive. Tobacco does not kill these people. Cigarette companies do.

And did anyone at those companies ever go to jail? You already know the answer. But that answer is the key to seeing the secret power in America today. The tobacco companies forged a new path, and other companies have followed. Today, it happens all over the place. Again and again. Coal mining companies breaking the law, knowing people will die. Oil companies breaking the law and knowing workers will die. On and on, again and again. You don’t have to trust me. They plead guilty. Why do these companies plead guilty so often? Because the penalties are such a joke. You and I have to follow the law. You and I go to prison for committing crimes. The global apex corporations don’t.

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