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Peloton Announces Global Recall

Product Defects

In August, advertising giant Peloton announced a global recall of their treadmills.

The company fought the recall before it finally admitted that its treadmills pose a life-threatening danger to children.

What did Peloton know about the deadly danger BEFORE that child was killed? And once the treadmill had killed that child so horrifically, why fight the recall? At that point, the danger was clear. A child was dead. The only question was how many more children would die.

But I have to tell you, Peloton handled this far better than so many other companies. At least they did the right thing, and relatively quickly. I have seen defects kill dozens of people, hundreds even, while the manufacturer continues to fight a recall.

It’s so incredibly difficult for regulators to force an uncooperative company to recall a product, so the sad reality is this: these deadly products are all around you.


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