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License To Kill

Corporate Negligence

The intentional decision to break the law knowing that people will die is homicide. E

Every year, thousands of police officers, sheriffs, deputies, and FBI agents across the United States with the most advanced, scientific and technical support and all the vast resources of our federal state and local governments search for approximately 50 active serial killers. These serial killers will murder over 200 people before they’re caught. “But they will be caught,” a homicide detective told me. “You can’t get away with breaking the law. Not when you’re killing so many people. We will hunt you down no matter who you are.”

He’s wrong about that last part. Law enforcement does not patrol the tower offices of the Global Apex Corporations. Picture dark figures outside of warm, bright home. Then get in the car, drive to the house, knock on the door – and wait, they have bad news. The medicine you need for your child, the one you’ve been using on your little boy for years, may be contaminated with a deadly virus.

They go to the refrigerator, take out the medicine, follow strict protocols for safe handling and return that dangerous little package to the pharmaceutical company that sold it. The company had a new process to purify the medication so all the new medicine was safe. But what to do with all that old product, the excess inventory? Destroying that contaminated medicine would mean less profit. So they decided to sell it. Use up old stocks and ship them to other countries where the governments were not yet aware of the problem. Where they could get away with it. And they did.

They kept selling that infected medicine. Medicine was really a deadly poison until the US Food and Drug Administration found out and stopped them. But no one went to jail, no criminal prosecution at all. I’ve already given you the staggering statistics on how many Global Apex corporations go criminal. More than 250, just in recent years. So they keep doing it. Getting caught again and again, and getting away with it again and again.

And we only know about the ones where they get caught when it becomes public. All the rest we don’t even know about. I know personally about corporate crimes that have never been made public. Crimes that I am prohibited by court order from discussing. And it’s obvious if you think about it for even one second, of course, there are many more corporate crimes buried inside corporations, never exposed and probably never will be.

It’s all about money, of course. Breaking the law to make more money. But the intentional decision to break the law, knowing that people will die as result – that’s homicide. The killer corporation has nobody to be imprisoned, no soul to be damned and today they face no serious financial penalties. So the criminal law in effect only applies to the little people. Corporations have, for all practical purposes, a license to kill.

And that is not an exaggeration even if it sounds crazy. And I know it does. But it’s only because you haven’t seen what I’ve seen. A lawyer who represented tobacco companies called me one day. I’m sure he has witnessed things I can’t even imagine. He wanted me to know he was quitting. “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled….” and he trailed off. Didn’t finish the sentence, he didn’t have to. You know what he was going to say.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist. You don’t even know what’s out there right now, hunting you.

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