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Girardi Accused of Failing to Pay $2M or More to Families of 2018 Lion Air Crash Victims

Hey Lawyer, Remember Your Oath

37862c 746a2cac6aab4c5ea119cc6bbe2c0fe0mv2I would be despondent right now if I weren’t so furious. Do I really have to say this again? A client’s money is… NOT YOUR MONEY! No lawyer can borrow client money from the trust account, not even for ten seconds. It’s theft, even if it’s paid back. And it looks like this money is gone for good. These were the families of those who died in one of the Boeing crashes. Thomas Girardi was a pioneer and, yes, a great lawyer. But not anymore, not if this is true. Sad, yes, but more than that, it’s infuriating.

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