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Finding the Case

Hey Lawyer, Remember Your Oath

Massive corporations, exploit, murder, and maim too many people. And often they get away with it.

When massive corporations commit crimes, it’s unclear at first that a crime has been committed. Corporate misconduct is always hidden. Corrupt corporations can be exceptionally clever in covering their tracks, making it so it looks like an unfortunate accident.

Is there a way to make these companies pay in court for what they did? Is there a way for victims to get justice? Yes, but despite all the false news reports you’ve heard about the civil justice system, it does not happen enough.

Most victims get inadequate settlements that are sometimes ridiculously low. You never hear about that. And some people can’t find any lawyer at all to take their case. Too often, lawyers refuse to do what it takes to expose the hidden villains that hurt people. Why is that? Because in addition to corporate crime and misconduct, there are also unfortunate accidents and corporate crimes are hidden among these accidents. To even find out whether there is a case to pursue lawyers must spend an incredible amount of time, effort, and money.

It’s expensive and it’s hard. And it’s risky to do these investigations. And often, the investigation shows that there was no crime or that the corporation has some kind of legal protection or immunity from litigation. And then even when there is a case, the biggest corporations can afford the most expensive prestigious, successful, aggressive lawyering in the world. They can make it hurt when a lawyer dares to challenge them.

So lawyers: if you represent real people, I’m begging you to start taking cases that other firms won’t touch. I’m asking you to be bad at business. I’m asking you to spend more time and money investigating potential cases. Even when it seems at first that there is no case. Yes, it will be costly. Yes, it’ll be risky. And yes, many times all of your work will be for nothing. But if you don’t find these cases, there is no civil justice system.

There is no one standing up to these corporations. And when desperate families are victimized by corporate misconduct, the corporations get away with it. The justice system has failed. We have failed and the world has become a more dangerous place. Yes, many times you’ll waste a lot of time and money. Your partners will be furious, but sometimes, you’ll find a case that solves a crime. Maybe even save a life. That’s why you became a lawyer. Isn’t it?

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